Minerals, Fossils, & More

Brilliant petrified cross-section of a tree trunk dazzles in blue and purple hues.

This black amethyst geode is strikingly rare and uncommonly brilliant.

Blue Lace quartz crystal shimmers.

A trilobite is an extinct marine arthropod from the Paleozoic era. This fossil exhibits its belly and underside.

Polished to a super shine, this milky orange and brown mineral shows off an intricate pattern of shapes

Mexican Calcite

What You'll Find

GemStreet USA exhibitors search the globe for rare and exciting fossils to add to your collection or to serve as conversation pieces and dramatic home décor accents. You’ll find fossils from plants, birds, marine life and even dinosaurs that roamed the earth 50 million years ago. We have it all, including many collector minerals—from cavensite and scolecite to phenacite, meterorites and Libyan Glass—petrified wood and even coprolite (that's fossilized dinosaur poop)!

A Sampling of Our Minerals, Fossils, & More Exhibitors



The Soaring Crystal
In addition to producing the GemStreet USA shows across the Midwest, company founder Gail Strieter also showcases her wares as owner of Soaring Crystal. Here is just a sampling of what you can find at The Soaring Crystal: beads, silver chains, metaphysical pendants, and more.


Gems by Celestial Dancer
Metaphysical gems and minerals
Owner Maria Celeste is a national expert on the metaphysical qualities of gems and minerals. “In fact, even our bodies are made up of minerals. If you take our blood to the smallest molecule, even it is crystalline.”


Lee Gaston
Minerals and crystals
Lee Gaston hails from Mount Ida, Arkansas, where he owns his own specialty quartz mine offering some of the world’s most beautiful crystals. “It’s my addiction,” he says.


Lodin's Gems & Minerals
Geologist Bernie Pisarchick offers beautiful gemstones, minerals, fossils, petrified woods and more.