Lee Gaston

Crystals and quartz

Lee Gaston hails from Mount Ida, Arkansas, where he owns his own specialty quartz mine offering some of the world’s most beautiful crystals.

“It’s my addiction,” he says.

A former science teacher, Lee explains that all quartz is between 200 and 300 million years old and was formed only once in history. All quartz predates the dinosaurs,” he says. “These beautiful crystals grew during a single 10-20 million-year time period between 200 and 300 million years ago in a superheated water and sandstone in a solution.”

During that time, Lee’s mine in Arkansas was part of a deep inland sea. As the Earth’s crust shifted, super-heated water ran down in cracks, creating silica dioxide which became quartz crystals when cooled. “Each quartz crystal has exactly six sides,” Lee adds. “It’s fascination.”

Lee’s mine is located in a part of Arkansas that offers the finest quartz crystal specimens in the world.

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