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GemStreet USA Show & Sale comes to town October 6-8

Shop from aisles and aisles of custom-made jewelry, colorful beads, stunning gems, unique home décor items, rare minerals and fascinating fossils when GemStreet USA Show & Sale comes to town October 6-8, at the Sharonville Convention Center.

“You’ll find internationally recognized fine jewelers, talented artists and knowledgeable collectors who search the world over for the earth's most cherished gems, minerals and fossils,” says show producer Jane Strieter Smith.

For instance, Marti Robers of Gem Miracles in Mainesville, will be bringing a colorful variety of Sunstones from Oregon.

“They are fairly rare, as these mines in Oregon are the only ones in the world where Sunstones are found,” she says. “These natural copper-bearing labradorite feldspar range in color from champagne to green/blue and orange/red. We offer loose faceted stones, cabochons and stones set in sterling silver pendants, earrings and rings, which sparkle intensely and show off their colors.”

In addition to Sunstones, Marti will also offer the Gem Kites gemstone jewelry collection of custom-made pieces, as well as Galatea Pearl Berries, designs of freshwater pearls and faceted tourmalines set to resemble a hanging berry.

And beyond jewelry, there also are unique home décor items featured at the show. From The Soaring Crystal you’ll find Gamal bowls, hand-blown, molten glass artfully attached to a gamal wood root sculpture to make interesting vases, candy dishes, fish bowls and terrariums.

“Handcrafted by skilled glass-blowing artisans, no two pieces are alike as each root has its own shape and characteristics,” says Gail Strieter. “That is what makes our show so special—one-of-a-kind items you won’t find in the stores.”

One-of-a-kind Gamal bowls—fashioned from molten glass attached to a wood root sculpture—make striking statement pieces.