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Metaphysical gems and minerals

Many people believe that gems and minerals are far more than simple rocks. They often feature metaphysical properties, including healing powers.

Maria Celeste, owner of Gems by Celestial Dancer, is a national expert on the metaphysical qualities of gems and minerals. “According to the Law of Resonance, there are three kingdoms: animal, mineral and plant,” Maria explains. “In fact, even our bodies are made up of minerals. If you take our blood to the smallest molecule, even it is crystalline.”

As a result, Maria explains, we resonate with the mineral components of the minerals themselves. For example, rose quartz works with the heart because it contains magnesium, the mineral that helps make up the thin sheet surrounding the heart. By the same token, calcite works to improve bone health because of its large percentage of calcium.

According to the Law of Resonance (vibration), like will attract like,” Maria adds. “The mineral kingdom works in conjunction with the animal kingdom.”

Here are a few examples of minerals and their metaphysical connections to our lives:

• Rose Quartz = love
• Black Tourmaline = protection and grounding
• Clear Quartz = general all around healing crystal for all modalities
• Selenite = communication (also used in fiber optics)
• Hematite = reflects negativity
• Calcite = bone strength; calms stomach
• Amethyst = overcoming addictions (contains iron and aluminum)

“Amethyst crystals allow you to look at the issue behind the issue,” Maria says. “There is an underlying reason for your addiction. Plus, they are just pretty.”

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