Birthstones by Month

Here is a list of traditional birthstones in the United States:

Birth Month
 January  Garnet
 February  Amethyst
 March  Aquamarine
 April Diamond
 May  Emerald
 June Pearl/Alexandrite
 July Ruby
 August Peridot
 September Sapphire
 October Tourmaline/Opal
 November  Topaz/Citrine
 December Tanzanite/Zircon/Turquoise

What You'll Find

GemStreet USA offers jewelry shoppers a better quality, unique selection featuring many a lot of one-of-a-kind items—from exquisite diamonds and emeralds to gorgeous handmade lampwork beads and Swarovski Crystals—and priced from $1 to many thousands. Visitors will also be dazzled by virtually every imaginable precious, semi-precious, and gemstone on Earth.

There really is something for everyone.

A Sampling of Our Gems, Jewelry, & Beads Exhibitors

Firefly Beads
Flameworked Glass Beads, Borosilicate, Moretti, Bullseye Glass
Renowned artist Anita Pepper employs a high-temperature oxygen propane torch to produce beautiful glass beads, and she's been doing it for 16 years.


Quest Crystals
Rocks, Minerals, Jewelry, & Beads
Ken Poore
Warren, OH

Small & Beautiful Beads
Handcrafted beads
Tamie Simpson offers an extraordinary selection of handcrafted beads from around the world by working directly with organizations that help women. These women create income for themselves by producing gorgeous handcrafted polymer clay beads.